Over the next 5 years, data production will increase by 4300%. Have you thought how your enterprise will cope? We have.

Cape Augusta Digital Properties is a Data Center development and management company seeking to massively disrupt the Data Center wholesale market.  With an aggressive investment and disruptive technology focus we are dramatically transforming the preconceived notions of how to bring quality tier 3 product to market.

Currently only 30% of customers who require DC space locate their infrastructure in purpose built data centers.  This coupled with the explosion of data use and the continued pivot to the cloud, both private and public, means that currently there is a requirement that simply is not being met. The question is: Why?

Essentially the barrier to entry for Integrators and customers is simply too high. Data Fortress has developed a model that seeks to drive the cost of retail data center operations down, enabling local and regional services businesses and integrators to access wholesale data center scale. 

Without compromising on quality of inventory Cape Augusta Digital Properties brings a robust product that at once:

  • disrupts the cost of operation
  • ensures maximum flexibility
  • provides a wealth of choice across carriers and other whole sale services
  • ensures that you have the product and platform that meets your needs now.