Founded in 2014, DataFortress is a next generation Data Center development and management business. With the explosion of the internet over the last 15 years Data has become the most valuable commodity on the planet. All businesses in the modern world touch a data center in some way or another.

Yet, data centers have not evolved fast enough to meet the demands of the age. DataFortress seeks from inception to develop and manage a fleet of major zero emission, super secure and rock solid facilities globally.  DataFortress uses highly compartmentalized, massively scalable technologies to push the limits of zero emission processing and data storage technologies. 

Big Data, and massively scalable technologies rely on Open Standards to truly scale. Our facilities embrace core Open Standards in the industry and implement a number of them as key technologies in our infrastructure as a service offering.

Physical and Data Security are key considerations. All our facilities are developed from inception to comply with the most stringent of security requirements and all services and products are designed to be FedRAMP and ISO14644-1 compliant.  

Software Defined Everything. The proliferation of virtualization has seen a fundamental shift in the way technology companies are looking at infrastructure. Through Software Defined Everything computing infrastructure are virtualized and delivered as a service where networking, storage and data center services are automated by programmable software instead of hardware resulting in a massively more dynamic and cost effective solution. DataFortress bootstraps its offering on these principles, ensuring that our product meets the demands of the enlightened market place.